Basic Information About Solo Ads!

Advertising with solo ads is not rocket science! I'm sure that almost anyone has seen at least one solo ad and can figure out how to write one. You only need a little guidance with writing that first solo ad to make it effective.

Placing a solo ad is a very effective way to advertise because it goes out to a crowd of people who ask for your information. It is delivered right to their inbox.

The subject line of you solo ad will be the first thing that they will see, make it something to strike their attention. Your subject line will determine if they are attracted enough to open the e-mail and read it and take action on your information.

With solo ads you are given more space to tell your readers about all the benefits of your product or service. Be personal like you are having a conversation with your friend. Write your ad like you're actually sitting across from the person or talking to them on the phone. Keep it short and to the point. You don't want to sell anything you just want them to get to your web-site.

The most important part of advertising is targeting you audience. Let them know what you can do for them, why do they need this, how will it help them? You really want to focus on their needs here.

You want to find an ezine that has the same topic like the product or service you are promoting. I suggest once you find a ezine that is targeted to what you are selling, that you subscribe to their list. When you subscribe to their list you can learn more about the types of advertising that they do and you will also know when your own ad is sent out

Start testing your solo ad in a smaller ezine as they will be less expensive for you. Then when you have tweaked your ad and it is successful you can move to the larger, more expensive ones. Lots of ezines offer 2 for 1 solo ads, look for the sales. The more times your ad runs, the more profits you should make. And don't forget to test and track your ad.

Include a call to action, tell them what to do! You can also put in more than one link to your website in a solo ad. After a paragraph or two put that link there, if you have created enough interest and they are ready to go on to see what it is you are talking about and buy now, why wait until the end. They may have lost interest by then and you just lost the sale.

Always read through your ad a few times out loud to make sure it sounds good to you and always use spell check on your work. Your goal is to have a professional looking ad that attracts your audience.

Spend your time and attention on what counts. Writing great copy, sticking to your budget, and finding a publisher that you feel is in your niche. Solo ads are not a one shot deal, you will want to place it again and again.

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